Tested to Oeko-Tex®
Standard 100
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Mixed and Solid Colors
61 Shades of Colors
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Wool Felt
BWF Feltec ®
Made from 100% Sheep Wool
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Reduce Echoes
ISO 354 Standard NRC=0.5
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What is Polyx?

Polyx™ Polyester Board is made by a process of tumbling, needle-punching, and baking low and high melting-point polyester fibres. The high-density fibrous network absorbs sounds and reduces reverberation. Polyx™ Board comes in 3 different thickness: 8mm, 9mm and 12mm.


  • Material: Polyester Wool, Polyester Board, Polyester Felt
  • Standard Dimension (Polyester Board) : 1220mm x 2440mm
  • Standard Dimension (Polyester Wool) : 600mm x 1200mm
  • Standard Dimension (3mm BWF Wool) : 1840mmW
  • Standard Dimension (5mm BWF Wool ) : 1450mmW
  • Standard Thickness: 25mm, 50mm (Polyester Wool), 3mm,
    9mm, 12mm (Polyester Board), 3mm, 5mm (BWF Wool)
  • Eco-Friendly Test: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Fire-Rated Test: EN 13501-1 : Class B, s1 d0
  • Acoustics Test: ISO 354 : NRC = 0.3 – 0.75
Polyx, Triangle


Polyx™ 9mm Triangle
Broadridge Financial Solutions, Singapore
Kelvin & Frank Reid

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Who uses Polyx™?