Polyx™ acoustic panels are crafted using a specialized process that includes tumbling, needle-punching, and baking a blend of low and high melting-point polyester fibers. This creates a high-density fibrous structure, effectively absorbing sound and minimizing reverberation. The Polyx™ Board is available in four distinct thicknesses – 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 25mm – offering versatile options for varying acoustic requirements.

The journey begins with tumbling, where low and high melting-point polyester fibres intertwine, forming a resilient foundation. This intricate matrix is then fortified through needle-punching and baking, a process that enhances structural integrity while maintaining the lightweight nature of the panels.

Discover our collection of 68 acoustic panel designs, available for download. These include 3D models and CAD drawings, tailored for your project requirements. Each panel is crafted from Polyx™ 100% PET and comes in two thickness options: 9mm and 12mm. Access these resources for your acoustic projects.

At Polyx™, we focus on enhancing building design and sustainability. Our acoustic panels, crafted from select PET materials, embody our commitment to quality. We prioritize building health and effective acoustics in our manufacturing, continuously seeking to innovate and redefine design standards. This approach ensures our panels are not just functional but also contribute to green building practices.

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